Reason for Multi-Fit Yoga

Multi-Fit Yoga believes in healing the body in a natural way. Because it is a natural way, it is possible for anyone to heal themselves. All that is needed is the knowledge, wisdom, support, focus and self discipline. With Multi-Fit Yoga's guidance, you can achieve these key attributes and practices, while awakening the genius in you and calming your own sovereignty.


Yonantan Shemesh

Life is meant to be great : and YOGA can lead the way. For the last 36 years Yonatan has practiced and taught Vinyasa Yoga and chanting. He attributes his health, both in body and mind to yoga and would like to share that experiential knowlage with new students. These can include both people looking to improve their own lives though the practice of yoga, and those wanting to be a certified yoga instructor. 

Yonatan teaches in a playful manner using props not commonly used in traditional yoga such as balloons, balls, staffs, and bands. The traditional poses and principals of yoga are very much a part of the teaching, they are augmented by the use of props. The curriculum includes a series of animal sequences, hawk, orca, leopard, sea otter, spider, inch worm and lizard. These sequences (like the salutation of the sun), connect us through the movement to the essence of the animal, the movement helps us embody and learn from the qualities of each animal. There is an emphasis on core integration, balance, strength and suppleness. This is a cross training yoga where we embody the principles and values of Yoga integrating them into our physical and spiritual life.

Yonatan’s yoga journey began in India in1982 while living in an ashram. It continued with earning a yoga teaching certificate from the Wingate International Sports Institute in Israel 1994-1995. He then taught yoga to individuals, groups and a choir. In 2000, he earned a personal trainer certificate in Santa Cruz CA and taught at Spa Fitness Gym in Santa Cruz. In 2004 he got licensed as a massage therapist in Oregon. Yonatan is a Yoga Alliance certified “Continuing Education” provider. He can provide certification for a part of, or the whole 200 hour yoga teaching certificate.

The Evolution of Divakar to Multi-Fit Yoga

In 1980 Yonatane was given the name "Divakar" by his guru, which means "Sun". When he came to America, it was decided to name the style of his program and practices as "Divakar Yoga". As time passed, the concept evolved further with the knowledge and practices gained. Due to the evolution in the program and practices, it was decided the name needed to be changed to Multi-Fit Yoga. This better represented the program that was created over the years to the path of healing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This name also signifies the values of Yonatane and his program. 



discipline , levels , bodies , physical/mental/emotional/
spiritual attributes.


keeping a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lifestyle


Unite, integrate & learning the body and becoming one with your mind and body.

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