"Stretches have an effect on our body that is a very relaxing sensation."

Big part of Multi-Fit Yoga is educating our students on the different forms of stretching and when to apply them in the practice of fitness.

"Every stretch has a time and place in the fitness programs"

Being able to understand when, how and how much to use the different types of stretches. These types of information are crucial to succeed in becoming strong, healthy and agile. It will also keep the range of motion, reduce pain and in some cases relieves all pain.

"We are living in a body that is 70% water"

 Liquid energy plays a huge role with any kind of fitness program.
When we strength train and stretch, the muscles dehydrate due to the fact that we are forcing the liquid out from the affected area. Certain yoga positions, after being held for long periods, will cause the nerve system to begin to lag in response to those affected muscles. We believe that by increasing liquids around the affected muscles, will increase the removal of toxicity. With this practice, you will be able to increase muscle strength and better stability throughout your workout routine.

Forearm Stretches