We live in this human body which is constantly subjected to the pressure of gravity. Since birth, this force makes sure we are attached to the planet, but at the same time, gravity taxes our bodies which are designed to move with ease.

Because of gravity, when we move, we use our muscles, they get stronger, but also shorter, therefore, we all need a program that is designed to keep them flexible strong and agile. Side effects of shortened muscles are pain in the body from stiffness and pincher nerves. We also get bruises and scar tissue which can put pressure on the nerve systems. It is good to learn a system that will release the tension and give us a good range of motion.

Pain is the universal language to tell us that our body is looking for a remedy. It requires our full attention to find a way to come back into balance and harmony.

Pain is not the enemy. The real enemy is our ignorance of how to deal with pain. That’s why we need to release tension.

The branch of Multi-Fit Yoga that has to do with tension release, teaches movements that release the water inside the body. It’s less to do with stretching or strength training (which dehydrates the body) and more to do with shaking, rocking, vibrating, and rattling the body to allow the fluids to get in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to allow for better flow. This helps the body release toxicity and become more agile.

Part of the training is to release tension between every stretch, which allows for rehydration. These days, I don’t need a personal trainer – my body is my personal trainer. No chemicals, no drugs, just learning Multi-Fit Yoga.