Reducing & Eliminating Pain Program

This program is to reduce the damaged tissue by using different methods of deep tissue massages 


Mobility Rehabilitation Program

Most extensive and full body recovery program. A wide variety of different concepts and methods to achieve full mobility in the affected joints and muscles


Fitness Program

Teaching you to maintain a workout, stable schedule as well as, training the mind and body to work together. Mind over matter is a skill that needs to be practiced


Body Work

This is accomplish by concentrating on the deep scar tissue and mending these tissues. Being aware of the liquids surrounding these affected muscles and tissues. With a combination of massages, coaching and educating you when and how, is Multi-Fit Yoga's mission to bringing you back to 100%.

Styles and Influences from:


-Genteel Deep Tissue Massage-

-P N F Tai Massage-

-Myofascial Release-

-Milton Trager-

-Moshe Feldenkrais-

Mobility Rehabilitation

Hydrating the body :
Shaking, Rocking and Retelling 
The art and science of range of motion
Stabilizing the joint:
Building strength on joint muscles
Core integration:
Recognizing body core & how to use it
Breathe with movement:
When to breathe in and out to maximize body strength 
Balance & Coordination:

Training the mind and body to work together 


Family Classes

This class was designed for kids with ADHD/Dyslexia or are Hyper Active. Intergrating Multi-Fit Yoga in the family will bring knowledge to the mind and learn control as well as training the body to be fit. Together as a family, you can bring discipline and fitness into the household. 

Certified Yoga Instructor & Trainer  

Looking to be a certified yoga instructor? This program will provide training and education to be certified.


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