Stabilizing your joints

This area of fitness needs more attention – as it will help us all to prevent as well as recover from injuries.

Why should we learn how to stabilize the joints?

When I first came to the United States, I was introduced to the concept of chiropractic adjustments, something we didn’t have in Israel when I was living there. When you have a good chiropractor, you can feel the immediate release in your body. The joints are re-aligned and the relief is immediate. However, we should not have to be dependent on a chiropractor. After aligning the joints, we can learn to stabilize them and keep them positioned correctly. If we do see a chiropractor, it should be supported with a system of keeping the joints in place after adjustments.

If you have ever had a chance to look at an anatomy diagram you would see all the compartments of muscles in many cases around the bone. It looks a bit like a sushi roll – all the muscles and tendons are supposed to be able to help you have good mobility and keep your joints in place.

In multi-fit yoga, we dedicate a lot of time to get the joints to be stronger, more agile, and most importantly, stable -  so not only can you manage your bodyweight during the course of the day, but also weight train and carry heavy items safely.  

To be successful in stabilizing the joints, understanding and practicing Core Integration Program is required. The joints rely on core muscles